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Weare Athletic Club

The Weare Athletic Club (WAC) is a non-profit organization that promotes and organizes recreational sports for children in grades pre-k to 8 who reside in Weare, NH.  We are a private organization, and all coaches, officers, and directors are volunteers.  Any resident of Weare over the age of 18 is an active member of the Weare Athletic Club.

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Weare Athletic Club News: We are Growing. . .

The Weare Athletic Club has the mission of promoting the interest in and growth of a variety of youth sports for children in Weare. We emphasize equal play, sportsmanship, individual and team skills, all within a positive and fun atmosphere, where these principles are more important than winning.

The Board of Directors meet monthly (most of the time) to discuss the needs of the specific sports, and how to continuously build on and support our mission.

At our January meeting, we made some significant steps forward in these efforts by making some needed and overdue changes to our bylaws, and adding Lacrosse to our expanding variety of sports offerings for the children in Weare. WAC welcomes Ric Dagenais as the new Lacrosse Director and Kim Mucci as a new Director-at-Large. Ric and Kim have been meeting with the Weare Athletic Club and on their own to create a plan for starting up a new Lacrosse program, and are a welcome addition to WAC.

At our February meeting we will be electing Officers, and Sports Directors that were not elected at our January meeting, as well as attempting to fill the four vacant Director-at-Large positions that are now open. WAC is growing, and that is because of the dedicated caring volunteers who are willing to give of their time and talents to our children, and the resulting quality programs we offer. This is an exciting time to be a part of WAC, and we invite you to check us out and consider getting involved.
Please join us at our next Board Meeting on Monday, February 12th at 7:00 in the WMS Library.
Looking Forward to seeing you there.

Keith Lacasse, President
Weare Athletic Club